HIPS-DON’T-LIE: Kim Kardashian backs her ‘Perspective’s A Bitch’ rant

Kim Kardashian’s hips will never lie except to some doubting Thomases who need conviction every now and then.

The 36-year-old beauty recently made a bold move on the internet by flaunting her gigantic posterior, and the bum pictures caused a ripple effect which she has taken time to address.


Who needs explanations on your X-rated bum pictures if you can afford a lavish junket in far away Thailand, and luxury getaways in Cuba or Mexico?

How many times does Kimmy need to convince haters that she’s a real woman with unbelievably natural curves in the right places?

No matter what lens you use to examine Kanye West’s wife, her hips don’t lie. The world has seen her oiled up bare bums. She has also shown us her backside dripping with champagne. No, we won’t talk about that “infamous” sex tape. She’s a beautiful woman, no doubts, even though haters choose to think otherwise.

Oh and as for me you ask? …I’m just sitting here on the beach with my flawless body

Kim’s most controversial photo shoot came from a recent report from The Sun. The mother-of-two wowed us with her family vacation in Mexico where she “unknowingly” exposed her cellulite-ridden bums.

Over there in Mexico, the social media celebrity let down her guards for paparazzi to capture her in a most natural appearance. She lived a life far away from her celebrity enclosure — just for a day — probably telling us that being a social media icon isn’t a curse.

Could she be driving at some beauty products anytime soon?


Image shows Kim’s un-airbrushed bums on show in Casa Aramara, Mexico.

Kimmy is a superwoman. We can’t help but admire her courage to thrash the ever-deceiving Hollywood’s flawless skin which everyone has come to accept as a yardstick for whatever a beautiful body means.

We are yet to understand what motivated the reality TV star for this amazing photo shoot but we do know that these bums are her most-prized assets, so showing off the flaws just don’t make sense at all.

One thing is clear, she has finally warmed her way into our hearts. Especially now that we know a great deal about celebrity beauty and airbrushing.

Kim looked thrilled to be at one with the ocean

Who needs perfection if Kim doesn’t?

The model seem to have said it all: “F**k perfect celebrities. If it ain’t real, it ain’t me.”

Kim ranted about “perspective” being “a bitch.”

“F*** you would think I learned,” the KUWTK star told her fans in a Twitter message which has since been deleted. “Yup I’ve recently seen perspective is a b*tch. I’ll work on taking good videos with better lighting & angles,” she added.

Kim K's quickly deleted tweet.

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