Hillary Clinton: Is She Really A Serial Liar?

Image: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has recently made headlines either on what she did wrong in the past or for what the Republicans think we didn’t know about her. Nonetheless, she has been a political villain far worse than Donald J. Trump but it couldn’t be worse than it already is–politics can be likened to war where “all is fair”.

All the same, what hurts most is that Mrs Clinton been branded a serial liar for the part she played while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

As she struggles with the Democrats to get a hold on the highly-coveted U.S. Presidential seat, critics are opening old wounds against a woman who have had to tell “lies” in the past because truth would hurt. Politics is all about that.

Many Americans understand “Hillary Clinton” to be synonymous with “lies”. Why is it so and why do people  describe her as “careless, irresponsible and unfit for the presidency”?

A recent poll from Gallup was released by The Washington Post to prove that 1 out of every 5 Americans think Hillary a liar. They asked people to offer up the first word or phrase that came to mind when the name “Hillary Clinton” was mentioned.

Here’s what the results of that open-ended question looked like:

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One scholar stood up against the majority in defense of Hillary Clinton.

Stephen Frantz engaged readers in an argument to prove Hillary isn’t a serial liar as many people think. He wants you to know that he has tried analyzing exactly what Clinton said, and believes she doesn’t lie anymore than a typical politician. In fact, he believes the presidential hopeful lies less frequently.

http://www.politifact.com is a Pulitzer Prize willing web site that evaluates the truthfulness of political statements. Look at how they rate the statements from Hillary Clinton.

You may also want to visit Hillary Clinton’s file. “That is far from perfect, but much, much better than most,” he said.

It’s no news that the presidential aspirant may have lied on several occassions or “sometimes” as is made necessary by politicking.

Politicians are mostly hypocrites making positive or negative compromises as the situation demands, howbeit, for the general good of all.

Stephen said: “Hillary carefully phrases statements to shade the truth. She doesn’t lie, but she adroitly responds to questions without lying. This is a useful skill for a politician.”

“She occasionally changes her position on an issue, e.g., same-sex marriage, the TPP.”

“She misremembers some things like all of us. Her false memory of being under fire in Bosnia wasn’t a deliberate lie; she was mistaken. She acknowledged that. This is a well documented occurrence. Why We Remember So Many Things Wrong – The New Yorker

“People deliberately misinterpret her. I can’t count the number of times I will read an article with a title like “Hillary Caught in a Lie!” and when I read the article there is no lie there. They pretend Hillary said something she didn’t and call it a lie. This is true of the vast majority of articles that call Hilary a liar.”

Arguing from the points above, it’s crystal clear that there has been a multi-decade agenda to characterize Mrs Clinton as a liar. No matter how often investigation shows that her actual statements are not lies, the “biased” media keep repeating it.

For instance, the repeated claim that Hillary blames a video for the attack at a U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was misinterpreted.

No, Clinton criticized protests and violence against US embassies due to the film (which happened in multiple locations). She doesn’t say the Benghazi attack was due to the film. She mentions the film and Benghazi in the same speech, but doesn’t blame one on the other.

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