Flight Attendant exposed after sex romps with Pilots, Cabin Crew and Passengers

A flirty female flight attendant who thought it was smart to record her sexcapades, has landed in hot water after her husband found the records at home.

The sex worker allegedly slept with Transavia pilots in the cockpit while on duty.

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The nymph also had sexual encounters with a long list of crew members and interested passengers, according to the secret journal, her angry husband claims.

Her revengeful man found the digital diary on her extramarital affairs and he’s now threatening to publish it, the Telegraaph reported.

According to her husband: “The 46-year-old flight attendant had sex with various pilots and crew members during overnight stays at various locations, the diary shows.

“Some of the encounters happened on Transavia flights in the cockpit or crew area,” the newspaper quotes her husband as saying.

In response to his threats, the shameless wife has filed a lawsuit against her husband in order to keep him from ever exposing her rotten life.

The Hague will grant ears to their legal battle on October 24th. However, the report confirms it’ll be in a private hearing.

According to the Telegraaf, Transavia has expressed their support for the woman, saying they want the matter to be handled internally. The company says it’s important to keep the diary a secret, and possibly destroy it, because the information is not only about the sex addict.
Transavia believes most of the married pilots will have their jobs and family exposed to risks if the sexual relationships go public.
The Telegraaf claims to have documents from various sources which show that the airline made several efforts for months to solve the matter amicably. Last month, the airline’s lawyer warned her husband to stop sending revealing emails to the company’s employees. Before that notice, Transavia Human Resources Department also warned the claimant of a possible slander and libel charges if he insists on publishing the sex diary.