Why this 95-Year-old Pensioner jumped out of a plane

A 95-year-old woman found there’s no better way to celebrate her birthday than jumping out of plane because it’s a dream she had held on to –  for decades.

With only five years away from her centenary, she successfully jumped, and it first ever skydive was simply amazing.

Marion woman celebrates 95th birthday at 13,000 feet

The Marion, Indiana woman jumped off the plane at 13,000 feet together with three of her grandchildren and niece.

Bettie Butler said: “When I saw President George Bush do it, I thought I could do that, too.”

John [her son] thought she wasn’t serious about that but he was wrong. His discouraging words surprisingly encouraged the fearless woman.

“I told her she needed to get on with it,” he said. “She’s not getting any younger.”

A report from Metro says Betty was the one who persuaded her niece and three grandchildren to join her in the adventure. She was also the first to jump out of the plane.

There’s no doubt that Betty, as a hothead, likes flying. To celebrate her 80th birthday, she boldly went up in a hot balloon. Apart from jet skiing last summer, the woman has been a volunteer at Marion General Hospital in the past 20 years, 13 WTHR wrote.

Her strength and courage at 95 can easily be found lacking in most people – young and old.

Betty made sure her glasses were properly strapped so she could clearly see the ground while landing during the adventure.

According to her son, it was Meredith Brandenburger [her granddaughter], who initiated the skydiving idea and both admitted it’d be fun.

In his words: “Brandenburger said, ‘You know that would be fun?’ And she agreed!”

With not less than 95 candles, food, drinks and entertainment readily available as the skydiving ladies landed, friends and family patiently waited on the ground for a memorable bash.

Betty told 13  WTHR: “I made it! It was wonderful. My favorite part was under [the] canopy because I could see everything and everyone.”