He falls asleep every time he’s excited

It’s too bad that he can’t have fun due to a health condition called narcolepsy, as confirmed by medical doctors.


A HEARTBROKEN mum has released footage of her ten-year-old son whose life is blighted by a sleeping condition he developed after a swine flue jab.

“My son falls asleep every time he laughs or gets excited at the film,” the boy’s mum said.

The youngster, from Frome, Somerset, developed narcolepsy within three weeks of receiving the Pandemrix vaccine in 2010.

Since then, he can’t even walk, eat or swim without falling asleep, and even suffers seizures when he giggles.

Now distraught mum Caroline has spoke of her sadness despite winning a £120,000 payout in a hard fought six-year compensation battle.

Narcolepsy sufferer Josh Hadfield

Narcolepsy sufferer Josh Hadfield

According to Caroline, leading a normal life is not possible for Josh, who can’t even ride a bike without nodding off.

She said: “He cannot have a bath alone because the hot water will make him go to sleep.

“He cannot go swimming without being with an adult because he enjoys himself too much and he is scared to ride a bike – he could go under a car.

“‘Happy’ is not a word I would use to describe him.

“He gets low and says he wishes he was dead and he wishes he didn’t have narcolepsy.

“I do what I can to make sure he is OK but he is not a normal, happy, little boy.”

Narcolepsy sufferer Josh Hadfield
Image: The boy suffering from Narcolepsy.