Happy Sisters Day!

The first Sunday of every August is celebrated around the world as Sisters Day.

Hope you had a great time celebrating 6th August with your sister or sisters?

Outside of marriage and children, our family is the closest tie we all share with others notwithstanding how close or far we might be in such relationships.

The history of Sisters Day cares less about the closest of bonds or the farthest of distance between us. It focuses on those sisters we once and may currently depend on for emotional, financial and other kinds of support.

Our sisters have always been there to help us through the good and bad times and thus, deserve some appreciation.

Sisterhood has been around for hundreds, if not millions of years. We see these ties in churches, mosques, schools, neighborhoods and even in the marketplace.

Doesn’t it feel good wishing some a Happy Sister’s Day?

There’s no right way to celebrate the holiday but people can make it memorable if they choose to do something extra-special such as vocalizing the wish, buying presents (including greeting cards or written notes), making decorations, hanging out with her, or going on vacation together.

Whatever comes to your mind today, do it fast. And remember to make it last forever with pictures and videos.

Sisters Day should be quarrel-free; no arguments or bringing up of past grievances. Instead, the focus should be on building bridges where there were once broken hearts.

If you have many sisters who aren’t at the same location, you may try a conference call.

National Siblings Day comes up on 10 August!

The holiday will be a celebration of brothers and sisters.

Get prepared ahead of time, and good luck with your plans but please, don’t forget to honor their presence in your life.