Hamas’s intentions comparable to al Qaeda’s during 9/11

A former British army officer has likened Hamas’s intentions to those of al Qaeda during 9/11, saying that Hamas sought to draw Israel into a conflict and isolate it from international support. 

In an interview with Sky News, Justin Crump, now a specialist management consultant to the Foreign Office, also said Israel’s denial of involvement in the hospital blast was based on substantial evidence and its narrative “makes a lot of sense”.

Of the Hamas attack, he said: “It’s very reminiscent of 9/11, an Israeli 9/11… and Israel can very quickly lose this war by failing to think smartly about the problem.

“Hamas was not just looking to punish Israel. They wanted to bring Israel into a conflict… that’s what they were seeking to precipitate.”

He added that Israel’s goal was “not only to destroy Hamas but also to prevent similar conflicts in the future.”

Mr Crump stressed the need for Israel to adopt a multifaceted strategy, taking into account both military and humanitarian aspects.

“The military alone cannot win a war against a terrorist organisation. You need a comprehensive approach to solve the problem.”

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