Hamas ‘monsters’ started war, not us – Israeli minister

In a tense interview with Sky News, the Israeli economy minister has vehemently defended Israel’s airstrikes, insisting they targeted militants. 

Nir Barkat labelled Hamas “monsters” who were responsible for starting the conflict. 

“We didn’t start this war, but we will end it,” he said, highlighting Israel’s determination to retaliate against perceived threats.

“These monsters do not deserve to live in this world.”

Mr Barkat insisted Israel doesn’t target civilians, urging them to leave militant areas. He defended supply blockades, demanding the return of kidnapped individuals before aid. Defending airstrikes, he said Hamas was using civilians as shields, justifying Israel’s actions due to perceived threats.

During the interview, Mr Barkat said: “We have not seen Jews slaughtered like this since the Second World War.”

He firmly rejected the notion of indiscriminate targeting, asserting that Israel would use advanced technology for more precise strikes, provided civilians relocated from militant-held areas.

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