Hamas killed my grandfather, took his wife through a window – Survivor

One of the 199 people Hamas has taken hostage is grandmother Adina Shimshony.

Footage emerged of the 72-year-old being taken on a motorbike driven by a Hamas fighter after her husband was killed during an attack on Nir Oz in southern Israel. 

Their granddaughter, Anat Moshay Shimshony, today told Sky News that seeing the video was “horrific” and that her family was still in shock. 

“We are trying to gather information… but there is nothing we can hold onto,” she said. 

“She seemed very frightened in the video and we are worried about her.” 

Ms Shimshony’s family all lived in the same area and were “attacked by the terrorists”, but survived by hiding in a shelter. 

Unfortunately, their houses were “totally burned and ruined”, she said.

She described how her grandmother sent a text saying she could see Hamas fighters inside her house and they were “shooting at the kitchen window”. 

“They shot countless gunshots at the door and they took a little bomb and put it on the shelter window,” she said. 

“They shot my grandfather a few more times to make sure he was completely dead, and then they kidnapped my grandmother through the window.” 

When Ms Shimshony returned to her grandparents’ house, she said the shelter was the only thing still standing, and there were “countless gunshots on the walls”. 

“It is really a horrific thing to be exposed to,” she said. 

“The Hamas didn’t come just to kill people, they came to ruin a beautiful place, they came to burn, they came to humiliate.” 

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