Hamas baked newborn to death – Israeli volunteer

An Israeli volunteer who was a first responder in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 terror attack and massacre at the hands of Hamas testified that he saw the remains of an infant that had been put in an oven and baked to death at Kfar Aza, a kibbutz near the Gaza border.

More than 100 civilians were killed at the kibbutz.

Asher Moskowitz identified himself as “deputy head of the Elad branch.” He released a video of himself on Tuesday, testifying to the atrocities committed by Hamas over the many hours of Oct. 7-8. He said he visited the Shura Army Base, where Israel tries to identify its dead.

He said on that day, five or six trucks were expected to arrive with bags of bodies from Kfar Aza “that were unfortunately horribly disfigured with severe injuries, including people who were burned alive.”

“Among them was a small bag which we assumed held either body parts or the body of a baby and we put it in one of the rooms there. As they opened the bag there was a gruesome sight, what appeared to be a baby.

‘They told us afterwards, after we left the room and they had worked on the body to identify it [that] after the terrorists murdered the parents in a very gruesome way at home, they then took the baby and literally put him into the kitchen oven. While the baby was still alive they put him into the oven and they cooked the baby alive,” he claims.

“The body was burned and unfortunately, as far as I could see, the body became swollen as a result [a] heating element of the oven became attached to the body itself.”

IDF previously has released details of babies found beheaded, of one cut from the womb of a woman, stabbed and placed in an oven to burn. IDF has released other images of the charred remains of infants. That doesn’t take account of what was done to older children, women and men.

Israel on Oct. 23 held a private screening for more than 200 journalists, showing 43 minutes of raw footage from the Oct. 7 massacre to tamp down denials of atrocities that were already fomenting.

More than 1,400 in Israel were killed in the massacre, more than 800 of those civilians.

“We must show the world these gruesome sights and to tell the world that it is impossible to deny what these savages did,” Moskowitz said.

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