Half Naked Woman Goes On A Shopping Spree At IKEA.

Image: Half naked woman just can’t find anything suitable to wear as she went shopping at IKEA.

A woman was pictured in China, shopping at IKEA without any underpants July 7.

Blame it on the scorching summer weather, and thank good heavens there wasn’t any sex-starved jerk around her who could have put the rare chance to good use–and face the laws later.

Her adventurous journey to and from the mall was a smooth sail.

Awed onlookers could only take pictures and videos as none was daring enough to confront her. Another kind shopper who took some snaps, shared it on Chinese social network Weibo.

After the photos went viral, IKEA responded with an official statement saying it wasn’t a stunt.

The lady was pictured in the shop near Siyuan Bridge in Beijing, China – and appears not only to be wearing no trousers, but also no undercrackers.

IKEA said: ‘There is speculation about the behaviour of IKEA as it opens up new stores. IKEA strongly denies this speculation.’


Image: Picture file 1

Shopping for a Bumerang? Half-naked woman causes chaos in IKEA

Image: Picture file 2

It’ll be remebered that in UNIQLO Beijing, a couple was found making love in a video (18+) that went viral immediately afterwards. Police investigations accused the shop of deliberately using sex as a marketing stunt during the shop’s launch.

The couple was arrested but details of further police punishments wasn’t made public.

Large number of visitors trooped to the shop to catch a glimpse of where the deed was done, as well as shop at the infamous business outfit.

Others who couldn’t afford to buy, enjoyed selfies around the location.

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

Slefie 3

What a new advert strategy for companies! Shirts were also sold from the incident.

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