Graffiti Artist Displays Incredible Sculptures In Beijing.

Image shows Zheng Dali, a Chinese artist.

Zhang Dali is a Chinese artist and sculptor who specializes in graffiti art. Efforts made in publicizing his large number of artworks made from pure white marble, is currently drawing attention from every part of the world.

Reports confirm he has set up two series of his newest artworks on display in the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing.

One series in the exhibition is composed of several sculptures made of pure white marble or Chinese Hanbaiyu. This material has been used by the artist to showcase its high social status in the Chinese cultural context.

The use of white marble in China, according to history, was allowed only in the imperial palaces and high ranking temples.

Wu Hung, a permanent member of the American Academy of Art and Science and also the director of the Center for the Art of East Asia, is the curator of Zhang Dali’s new works exhibition.

He said: “So my impression when I first saw his artworks is very quiet and tranquil.

“But these artworks are kind of the artworks that make you think. They are certain types of artworks that really get you to stop and think.

“So for our intended effect of this exhibition, the first thing you wanted to do is to get everything to slow down.

“We live in cities, very fast-paced and surrounded by E-mail, by We-chat, all sorts of communication. We want everybody to slow down.”

In the mid-90s, he became known for spray painting profiles of himself onto some destroyed buildings in Beijing.

Jan Teeuwisse is the curator of Hague sculpture museum in the Netherlands. He attended the opening ceremony for new works exhibition by Zhang Dali.

“It was in 2005 that our trustee, organized an exhibition on contemporary Chinese art focused on sculpture. And that was the first time we saw the works of Zhang Dali in the Netherlands.

“And we show the migrant workers’ offspring and it was really amazing how the Dutch audience reacted on that.

“Now we are here, so I’m very curious to see the new work of Zhang. We are very proud of having his five pieces in our collection. And I hope everybody will have the time, Chinese tourism is growing enormously in the Netherlands so you will have the opportunity to see the works of Zhang Dali in our museum.”

Once being featured on the cover of TIME Magazine, the artist Zhang Dali will continue his ongoing exhibition in the Beijing-based Minsheng Art Museum until August 3rd.

Image shows Zheng Dali with one of his sculptures.