Gigi Hadid sued by a Photographer

A disgruntled photographer has sued supermodel Gigi Hadid for allegedly gaining fame from a picture he took of her.

Peter Cepeda claims Gigi posted the picture on social media without seeking approval.

Image: Gigi Hadid

According to a report from PageSix [], Peter says he owns the copyright to the 22-year-old’s 2016 picture which showed her standing at a corner on Prince and Mercer streets. She wore a customized jacket for the shot.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in New York says the photo was licensed to a few news outlets, adding that Gigi later uploaded it to her social media pages without seeking consent.

Peter claims the California-born star deprived him of credit to the art work, and says only damages would pacify his anger for an alleged exploitation.

The Instagram post has received a whopping 1.2 million likes so far, according to the suit.

Gigi, an American fashion model has taken the industry by storm since 2013 when she was signed to IMG Models. It was the same year she graduated from Malibu High School, where she was captain of the varsity volleyball team.

Image: Gigi Hadid

Later in November 2014,  Hadid made her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at and in in 2016, she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council.

Her mother is a Dutch-born American, and her father is Palestinian-American.

Through her father she descends from Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth and the Sheikh of Galilee.

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