I prefer Zayn Malik’s Solo Work – Gigi Hadid

Turns out Gigi Hadid wasn’t a big One Direction fan (sorry Zayn)

Gigi Hadid, who was rated among Forbes 2016 Top Five female celebrity earners, made her first ever appearance at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on November 9. Her debut at the popular TV show came with a confession as she reveals her appreciation for boyfriend Zayn Malik’s solo work.

The 21-year-old model however dropped a bombshell on Malik’s One Direction buddies.

She admits not being a fan of the music group, with or without her 23-year-old boyfriend as a member.

During the chit-chat with 48-year-old Jimmy Kimmel, the gorgeous model was asked if she considers herself one of One Direction’s numerous fans. Surprisingly, she didn’t take a moment to think about her response.

Straight from the heart, Gigi said during the laughter-filled conversation: “I grew up in a household where my stepdad was a classical musical producer  — Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban — that was the music I was into,” she referred to David Foster, her mom Yolanda Hadid’s ex-husband.

“I think we can all name a One Direction song that we like. Or maybe not,” she giggles.

Then she threw it all out in the open, saying: “I love Zayn Malik solo a lot more!”

Gigi’s latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was aimed at boosting her confidence for an upcoming hosting gig. She will be co-hosting the 2016 American Music Awards with Jay Pharoah, an ex-Saturday Night Live cast member.

The supermodel told Billboard in an interview: “I’m excited, a little nervous, but I think that’s important. If I’m nervous until rehearsal, that’s good, and if I’m nervous after rehearsal, I don’t know if that’s as good.

“I usually just try and have a good rehearsal and have it be positive and fun, but also get out the kinks that you’re worried about, because then you can just have fun.”

Malik, who left the all-boys band in 2015 has been nominated for New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards next Sunday.

With his supersexy girlfriend on stage at the event, 20 November will surely be a memorable day in their lives, hopefully with big surprises.

Image: Gigi Hadid

Hadid recently had a heart-to-heart talk with ET’s Nischelle Turner. In the interview, she revealed a few secrets about her shy boyfriend, saying, “He’s obviously so gorgeous, but really the way that we can have conversations. We’re really interested in the same things.”

“[On the singer’s solo career] I think that the more that he’s on his own, the more he’s finding the soul in music and what’s making him really happy to sing and genuinely makes him want to be on stage.”

One thought on “I prefer Zayn Malik’s Solo Work – Gigi Hadid

  1. Who wouldn’t say the same thing for her boyfriend. Zayn is a handsome dude and Gigi loves him but that doesn’t mean his music is the best though he seems to be on top among the other group members, only as a solo artist. One Direction as a group is more popular than Zayn, I think after all.