Geordie Shore Flashes Boobs On Twitter

Twitter - @Chloe_GShore

GEORDIE Shore star Chloe Ferry has posted a photo to Twitter of her cleavage and thighs.

Her face isn’t visible in the photo, which Chloe, 22, posted with emojis of two monkeys with their hands over their eyes.

Chloe’s known for her lips, although they’re not seen here – they’re the result of lip fillers. 

Twitter - @Chloe_GShore

Charlotte Crosby commented on Chloe’s pout, saying: “She’s had more than all of us! But there is no telling her – she needs to make her own mistakes.

“She doesn’t look bad, but she doesn’t look the same. No one will ever stop Chloe, she is like a human wrecking ball.”

Yesterday Chloe posted two more very booby photos. It seems she’s on a role at the moment.

Chloe and the rest of the Geordie Shore cast are currently touring Australia and New Zealand to promote series 12 of the long-running reality show.

The cast have been up to their usual mischief Down Under – including Holly Hogan, who failed to turn up to a photo shoot after throwing a “diva tantrum”.

The Geordie Shore star refused to join cast mates Chloe, Nathan Henry, and her ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie while shooting a promo for the new series in Australia.

A show insider said: “Holly wasn’t at the shoot because she was acting like a diva and having a tantrum. So the others just went without her.

Nathan, Chloe and Kyle were spotted posing for photos in Sydney without Holly present.

Holly confirmed that she’d skipped the shoot due to problems with her ex, Kyle.

She tweeted: “Being forced into situations with my ex, trying and succeeding to be professional regardless..of our differences.

“Please try and understand that being constantly asked about it, being tagged in photos/tweets every day is difficult.

“There’s only so much one person can take and today unfortunately it all got a bit too much. I’m deeply sorry for anyone I’ve let down today.”