Former Newcastle Captain Alan Shearer breaks Guinness World Record

Alan Shearer showed interest in succeeding Roy Hodgson as England Manager last year after holding unsuccessful talks with the Football Association but he has moved on for good with a Guinness World Record in hand.


The former Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle striker was rejected by England notwithstanding his contributions to football development.

“I’d definitely speak to them, absolutely,” he said after England’s 2-1 loss to Iceland during the 2016 European Championships.

“I would offer my experience and tournament experience.”

The FA cited his “lack of experience” in the job but that rejection did not crush his ambitions to leave a mark in the sands of time. His recent partnership with a group of adoring students says the former British player has all the love he could get.

Shearer has just set a record for the most selfies taken in three minutes.

Shearer joined more than 100 students between the ages of 3 and 18 to raise funds for his NGO, The Alan Shearer Foundation, at the all-boys Newcastle School.

The famous striker broke records for the “most self-portrait photographs ever taken in 3 minutes.” He has therefore joined the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and many others, for recognition in the Guinness World Record.

According to the guidelines, Shearer and his students were required to follow all rules which stipulates that “the photographer’s face must be visible and next to a different person in each photo.”

A large number of students volunteered to help Shearer reach his goal, and they were able to snap a total 134 pictures before the time ran out. Their efforts bore fruits as they captured just one more than the previous record holder which stood at 133.

“I was so nervous I couldn’t really watch, but I’m delighted that we got there,” head teacher David Tickner said.

“It was really important to get the whole age range of boys involved, as a way of showing their development.

“We were looking for a fun and engaging way of getting everyone involved and selfies seemed like a great way to do it.”


Shearer’s joy knew no bounds after the successful attempt. He was under pressure to make history away from the football pitch, but the 46-year-old admitted that being able to raise funds for his charity gave him a big relief.

“It was very tense but a lot fun and it also benefits the foundation, which is great,” the great footballer who retired in 2006 said. “It’s definitely the most selfies I’ve ever taken in one day.”

Shearer appeared 63 times for England national team and scored an incredible 30 goals. He was named among the FIFA 100 list by Pele of Brazil in 2004.