FlyDubai Crash Update.

The Management of Flydubai is making great efforts to ensure that investigations on the recent plane crash is carried out without delay.  A more competent Flydubai team has already left Dubai to join crash investigations after travel visas were issued.

All families affected by the crash who are non-Russians has also been provided with visas.

The Russian Consulate in Jumeriah, Dubai has placed bouquets of flowers, candles and teddy bears in honor of the dead.

A guard at the gate of the consulate confirmed, “People have been coming in ever since the news broke out to pay their tribute”.

Information on the ill-fated Flydubai flight FZ981 confirms that all 62 on board died. Of the 55 passengers, 44 were Russian, eight were Ukrainian, two Indian and one from Uzbekistan.

Ayna Chernova, Vice-Consul at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Dubai, told Emirates 24|7 that almost all of the relatives have left to see their families in Rostov-on-Don.

“We have expedited free travel visas to those family members who aren’t Russian so they can fly without any delay.”

She added that travel visas were also fast-tracked for the team from Flydubai who will be investigating the crash.

Talking about the offerings placed outside their building, Ayna Chernova said, “We have had people come in and pay their tribute to the victims.”