Floyd Mayweather Mourns Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay Jr remains the greatest boxer that ever lived even in death. The legendary boxing icon died at the age of 74.

Image: Mayweather mourns.

Popular referred to as the People’s champion just like Floyd Mayweather, the later who had always thought himself to be the greatest boxer had a change of heart after Ali’s passing.

This is what Mayweather said:

Image: Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring.

“Today my heart goes out to a pioneer, a true legend, and a hero by all means!

“Not a day went by entering the gym that I didn’t think of you. Your charisma, your charm and above all, your class are all of the elements that will be greatly missed by myself and the world.

“You are someone that inspired me greatly throughout my boxing journey and words cannot express how great you were as a person!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for Black America, in the the world of sports & entertainment and for the legacy you leave behind!

My sincerest condolences to the Ali family!”

Twitter Responses:

  • mrswilliamz1This is nice, but Floyd KNOWS that he didn’t write that. LOL!
  • yourtruthbetoldFloyd didn’t write or even read that.
  • tiatayl0r😂😂👆🏾
  • kemarion_aleem_It’s a shame the hate Floyd receives even on a post like this smh, Like Floyd said 5yrs ago the media only started Loving Ali once he couldn’t talk anymore ig the same will be said about Mayweather
  • dr.heatherlyn1908That’s a beautiful sentiment.

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