Famous actor Andy Hui admits cheating on wife Sammi Cheng

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Apart from apologising to his wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, as well as the general public after being caught cheating, it appears that Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui had apologised to his friends for his actions as well.

In April this year, a video of Andy getting intimate with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong in the backseat of a taxi was released to the public.

In the ensuing media storm, both Andy and Jacqueline apologized for their actions and has since flown to Los Angeles to escape the media scrutiny, while Andy has declared that he will take a break from his activities as a celebrity.

Sammi, as well as Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, have since announced that they have forgiven Andy and Jacqueline.

In a recent interview, Hong Kong singer-actor William So revealed that Andy had also apologised to him, as well as other members of The Big Four in the wake of his cheating scandal.

The Big Four is made up of Andy, William, as well as Hong Kong singer-actors Dicky Cheung and Edmond Leung. The group members have always been good friends and promoted as a boy band between 2009 and 2013.

William shared that he had asked after both Andy’s and Sammi’s well-being after the news of the cheating scandal first broke. While Sammi replied him swiftly, it seemed that Andy was not handling the news so well.

“An Zai (a nickname for Andy) is someone who needs a while to settle down; he later apologized to the Big Four,” William said.

William also shared that he had told Andy that there was nothing to apologise for, as William himself had caused trouble for the other members of The Big Four when he was caught using drugs in Taiwan. At that time, Andy had stood by him in his time of need.

As William has known Andy and Sammi for over 30 years, he shared that the news was ultimately harder to take for Sammi.

“But they have a strong belief (in their religion, Christianity), so they will be able to weather this storm,” he said.