Family holds funeral for woman who faked death

A woman who spent a whole day lying in a coffin as funeral rights were observed, has been discovered to have planned the fake death with family and friends so she could experience what it feels like, to be dead.

According to local media reports, the woman named Vera Lucia da Silva has been fantasizing about death for 14 years. Now she has lived it.

The 44-year-old arranged to carry out her bizarre wish to lie in a coffin all day while family and friends pretended she was dead. And she said it was ‘the best day of her life’, Daily Mail confirms.

Her friends and family granted their full support for her 14-year-old wish which was made a reality at the funeral home in Camocim, a seaside resort in north east Brazil.

On Wednesday, November 2, Vera held her burial ceremony. The date was officially recognized as the Day of the Dead celebration in South America. Other countries celebrate it as Halloween.

 The report adds that Paulo Araujo [the CEO of Eternal Garden Funeral home], donated Vera’s coffin and the space to for free, as a gesture of good will.

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