Facebook launches Cocoon app for every family

Former Facebook employees are building a new type of social networking platform that will not be meant for the world but your own private world of your family.

Called Cocoon, the new social network had been under development with select families and is now open to everyone on Apple iOS, Quartz reports. Users can post updates, emoji, and notifications.

Each person using the platform can pick up to a dozen people to join their group or cocoon, including parents or even college roommates. Cocoon is free for now, but the company plans to switch to paid subscriptions.

On November 25, the new social network, Cocoon, made its appearance on Apple’s iOS app store just when the world needed it the most to stay closer and ‘in touch’. Cocoon’s co-founders Sachin Monga and Alex Cornell had raised $3 million for their Y Combinator-backed startup which led to the new social media buzz.

For years, Sachin Monga said, he has been thinking about how to escape Facebook’s dilemma, putting your mom and best friend in the same social network as your most distant acquaintance.

Cocoon is a social network for your family. It had been under development with select families and is now open to everyone, Quartz reports. Just as the name suggests it will be your own private world of your family, a cocoon.

But Cocoon bills itself as neither a social media network or a messaging app. “This is my home on my phone,” Monga said