Emirates reacts to the Viral Video of its Air Hostess who was caught pouring back Champagne in a Bottle

Emirates Airlines has been disgraced a few times for bad behaviors from hostesses; one was caught doing pretty bad things in the toilet with a man in 2015, while another was recently caught red-handed while pouring champagne back into a bottle.

The yucky incident which occurred last week, was mistakenly recorded by a Russian business class passenger named Yevgeny Kaymov.

Yevgeny shared the viral video on Instagram and sparked heated debates between internet users on what could be the motive behind that dehumanizing act.

The caption reads: “I accidentally filmed this video, and didn’t even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished champagne back into the bottle.

“Is that normal practice Emirates?”

Following a huge backlash from netizens who reacted quickly to the gross practice, Emirates has issued a statement, denying accusations that customers have been enjoying recycled champagne before Yevgeny revealed their “dirty secret.”

“We strive to consistently deliver the highest quality products and customer service,” The Financial Express quotes Emirates as saying in an official statement.

“What the video depicts is not in line with our service standards.”

Aisha Nawaz of Vancouver Island university argued that the waitress may have poured the wine so she could take it home after work. But someone who knows better, says the motive could be different.

Maybe she is saving it so that she could tk it home with her 😂🤣

Although opinions are divided on the matter, a report from The Independent quotes another experienced waitress as saying, I’m a flight attendant – the attendant is probably pouring the unused champagne back in the bottle before take-off to then dispose of once the plane takes off.

“We’re not allowed to pour things out while we’re on the ground.

“I bet they’re pouring it all back in the bottle so they can then pour it out at cruising instead of dumping it all in the trash can making it all soggy.”