Downing Street describes Russel Brand’s allegations as ‘very serious and concerning’

Downing Street urged the BBC and Channel 4 to set out the results of their investigations into Brand “transparently”.

The prime minister’s official spokesperson said: “It’s right that this is looked into and I think both of the broadcasters have said they would investigate and that is the right step.

“I’m not going to prejudge that, it will be for them to set out what they find and do so transparently.”

He added: “These are very serious and concerning allegations.

“The Met Police has asked anyone who believes they have been a victim of a sexual assault to come forward to speak to officers.”

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer is expected to speak to broadcasters about their investigations into Brand at the next opportunity and it is understood she will seek assurance their investigations will be conducted thoroughly and transparently.

Downing Street declined to urge broadcasters and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix to take down Brand’s output.

The prime minister’s spokesperson said: “It’s a decision for all broadcasters to consider the right approach in light of these very serious allegations. They are deeply concerning, they need to be investigated.

“But I’m not going to dictate the actions of broadcasters or streaming services.”

Brand’s publisher Bluebird, an imprint of Pan Macmillan, has announced it is “pausing” all future book projects with him – an upcoming title, Recovery: The Workbook, by the 48-year-old was due to be published in December 2025 according to the company’s website.

Bluebird, which has published Brand’s titles including Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions and Mentors: How To Help And Be Helped in recent years, said: “These are very serious allegations and in the light of them, Bluebird has taken the decision to pause all future publishing with Russell Brand.”

Police encourage any victim to come forward

The Metropolitan Police has responded to the accusations – saying it encourages victims of sexual assault to contact the force.

A spokesperson said on Sunday afternoon: “We are aware of media reporting of a series of allegations of sexual assault. At this time, we have not received any reports in relation to this.

“If anyone believes they have been the victim of a sexual assault, no matter how long ago it happened, we would encourage them to contact police.

“We spoke with The Sunday Times on Saturday 16 September. We will be making further approaches to The Sunday Times and Channel 4 to ensure that any victims of crime who they have spoken with are aware of how they may report any criminal allegations to police.”