Do you mind signing this petition to protect over 200 reindeer?

Save this reindeer herd in the UK!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. If you have a spare minute, we’d like to ask you to take action for Santa’s favorite animal. Will you take a moment this Christmas day to save reindeer?

200 healthy reindeer face an untimely death if British high speed rail (HS2) plans go ahead. The reindeer would have nowhere else to live, and would have to be put down if their current home at a farm in Staffordshire, UK is forced to close. Please sign Care2 member Mark’s petition to demand HS2 change their plans, and save the reindeer!

The Blithbury Reindeer Lodge owner says on his website,

“The working draft Environmental Impact Assessment for [HS2] Phase 2a, [makes] clear that the proposed route will cause a large amount disruption and adversely affect our environment, livestock and business. We are a working reindeer farm, visitor attraction and educational facility. The proposed works will take much needed land from Blithbury Reindeer Lodge.

On a personal note, I am 66 years old and would like to live the rest of my life in the unique, beautiful, peaceful surroundings I have created, with my partner and my beloved reindeer herd…

The owner of the farm has identified an alternative route for HS2 that would not affect the reindeer, so we are supporting him in asking the government to consider changing their plans.

Sign Mark’s petition to tell the British government to change their HS2 plans, and save the 200 reindeer of Blithbury Reindeer Lodge!

Thank you.

Wishing YOU a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR in Advance!