DMX under House Arrest; Rapper to wear an Ankle Monitor

DMX was summoned in a New York City court today 11 August, after he reportedly failed a total of four tests for coke and weed.

Prosecutor handling his case said the 46-year-old rapper needed to hear the riot act, having survived death from drug overdose earlier this year.

The Great Depression rapper was thirty minutes late for his trials, and part of his probation offenses include visiting St. Louise without seeking prior approval from his parole officer.

Image: DMX

Earl Simmons, who’s popularly known by his stage name DMX, claimed he traveled to handle pressing family matters. Luckily for the record producer and actor, he received mercy from the judge who kindly placed him under house arrest and insisted that an ankle monitor must be used to keep him in check.

We’re very sure that staying secluded at home won’t benefit X for the fact that drug peddlers know how best to ply their trade under such circumstances. He needs urgent rehabilitation.

Earlier this year, Fox News reported that the Yonkers rapper collapsed next to a white BMW in one of the parking lots owned by Ramada Inn. Eyewitnesses said he stopped breathing at around 6:20 p.m. on 9 February.

He miraculously came back to life after a police officer on ground carried out some CPR procedures while another one injected him with Narcan. He was later rushed to a nearby.

Image: DMX

A close friend who was with the ‘Slipin rapper said he took some white-powdered substance shortly before losing pulse.

Unfortunately, the Great Champ suffers from Asthma and should know better that drug overdose for such patients is suicidal.

No criminal charges were filed for the February incident after police said no evidence of drugs were found on him.

In October 2016 he was also arrested for failing to pay $10,000 per month in child support.

DMX appeared in blockbuster movies such as Cradle to the Crave, Romeo must Die, and Last Hour. His best selling album is the 1999 hit …And Then There Was X.

The rapper was recently released from prison after posting $500,000 bond.