Dear Mama

Dear mama

Dear Mama,

If there’s something like reincarnation, I would wish to be with you in the next life through eternity, either as your son or I, as your father. And I would ask you to change nothing about yourself.

You gave me life; guided me through sickness and health; and protected me like a tigress, giving no excuses to whatever card life has played out to me. You stood by me when every other person I know backed out. You gave me strength to fight like a soldier even when I could barely breath.

You trusted me more than I believed myself and to prove your selfless love, you never kept secrets.

You are more than a woman. If there are women like you anywhere, then you are one in million.

Thank you for the sufferings and pain of having me. Always know that I appreciate your love for me even though I could be forgetful and naughty at times.

I am forever proud to have you in my life.

May you live long, Mama.

18 thoughts on “Dear Mama

  1. Nice words for that great woman who made you who you are. Wives will never be mothers though they always wish that. A wish has a special place in a man’s heart but when she tries to rubbish a mother-in-law, it’s the same as thrashing her husband. Young women never learn until it’s too late. I had such an experience.

  2. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I can imagine how good this woman has been to you and others. Show her more love than words, okay?

  3. I love reading an article that can make men and women think. A friend of mine forwarded this to me and I think every mother deserves to be appreciated. Not all are worth celebrating, except for the fact that they gave life to us.

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