Dear drivers, what is a Right of Way?

There are times when busy roads get so clustered especially during rush hours because one, two or more selfish drivers failed to obey traffic rules by giving the ‘right of way’.

I’m not sure what ‘a right of way’ means, guess drivers know better.

This driver named Tang Jinxiang got his driver’s licence 4 years ago but did something that could be right or wrong if you know about traffic laws and morality.

He is a driver in Dongguan, South China’s Guangdong Province. He has been a very careful driver over the years and rarely got tickets for traffic offenses but his hatred for drivers who don’t obey traffic rules will shock you.

Tang was driving along China’s National Highway 107 in Dongguan recently when a Volkswagen car which had been trailing him got crushed. The impatient driver in the crashed car had 2 other occupants who were lucky to escape the accident with minor bruises.

What actually happened?

Tang said the driver trailed him and wanted to overtake his car without warning and in a dangerous way. It was around 6 pm.

As a law abiding citizen, Tang had 3 cameras fixed in his car to record his routes on daily basis. He read the signs that said overtaking is forbidden but the impatient driver didn’t notice that sign or just simply didn’t care.

Angry Tang tail-crashed the Volkswagen which was on high speed causing it to tumble and fall on it’s roof.

The local traffic officer who arrived at the scene blamed the owner of the Volkswagen car who was also ordered by law to pay for the repair of Tang’s vehicle. It was not until Tang posted the video online and gave his reasons for what he did that internet users started making both positive and negative comments.

Some people said he was right to have punished the other driver who violated traffic regulations while a lot more questioned his lack of concern for other people’s safety.

The 29-year-old Tang was interviewed by CCTV and this was what he he had to say: “If I were given a second chance, I would still make the same decision. I was just protecting my own rights, my right of way.

“I don’t want to offend others. But if I am offended, I can use this footage as evidence to show police.

“I only collided with those cars when I was sure they needed to take full responsibility,” Tang added in one of his Wechat group messages.

Dear drivers, what would you do if someone takes your right of way for granted?

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