I’ll celebrate like C. Ronaldo if I score against Real Madrid, Kashima Antlers star says

Yuma Suzuki, one of the most deadly strikers who play for Japanese club side Kashima Antlers, has said he has plans to celebrate like Cristiano Ronaldo in today’s final match against Real Madrid.

The 20-year-old says imitating CR7  in the Club World Cup finals today will make it a memorable event for him and his fans.

Suzuki, has been considered as one of the greatest talents in Japanese football history. He is seen as “a jewel” by soccer analysts.

The footballer celebrated like C. Ronaldo during Kashima‘s training session on Friday. He also imitated the Real Madrid star’s celebration after scoring against Atletico Nacional in their semi-final game.

“He’s the one with two lines on his head, like CR7,” the Japanese press said about Suzuki after Friday’s training session.

In his interview with Marca dated 17 December, he said: “It’s not the first time I’ve done it [referring to Ronaldo’s ‘Siiiiiuuuu’ celebration].

“What happened is that a lot of people thought I wouldn’t dare to do it at the Club World Cup.

“But they asked me and I couldn’t disappoint them, and I won’t again if I score on Sunday.”

Suzuki says imitating C. Ronaldo’s celebration doesn’t mean he has no respect for the World Best Player. In fact, he explains that he’s one of the Madrid star’s fans.

He told the news outlet: “When he [Ronaldo] came to play the Club World Cup with Manchester United eight years ago, I went to the hotel to get an autograph and then went with my father to see him play against Osaka.

“It’s an honour to play against Cristiano, but when the game starts I’ll be professional and do my job.

“I will try to play a great game and I will only see him as an opponent.”

No doubts, playing against the likes of Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo and other Los Blancos stars will sharpen Kashima’s players. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Japanese youngsters.

“We are very excited because this is a historic opportunity,” Suzuki continued, explaining his unbelief that he would ever line up in a match against Madrid which is considered best in the world.

“We know it is a game that’s going to be seen all over the world and that is an incentive for us.

“It’s incredible, there are almost no words to express it.”

“[On a probable chance that the Japanese club side can upset Real Madrid and grab the CWC trophy] I think so,” he said.

“We are training very well and we have already shown Atletico Nacional that we know how to play.

“Madrid is the best team in the world but we’re going to do everything we can to make things difficult for them.

“It’s a historic match for us and for all Japanese football.”