Crying Virgin Mary.

Maria Cardenas who owns a virgin Mary statue said it has stayed 10 years but started weeping 18 months ago after her cousin, Jessie Lopez, was murdered.

Statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be weeping

Image above shows the weeping statue of virgin Mary.

In what seems to be a weird occurrence, a carved figure of  virgin Mary miraculously started shedding tears following an untimely death of the owner’s cousin.

The tears would start from the right eye and stream down its face.

The statue seem to have felt love for late Jessie Lopez and just won’t stop weeping so Maria Cardenas is sharing tears from the virgin Mary to everyone who pays her a visit.

It’s a little wonder if the gift has any healing powers of some sort, it would have been a lasting source of ‘divine’ income.

Maria Cardenas confessed it’s yet a mystery and said she “doesn’t understand why she’s doing it (crying).” She can only think the tears is linked to Jessie Lopez who passed on 18 months ago.

The “weeping Mary” is currently located at Maria Cardenas‘ home in Fresno, California. It was a gift received on Mother’s Day, 2006.

Maria’s neighbor, Richard Quintana who lives across the street said he was curious to witness the strange occurrence so he “wanted to come see for myself” after he was invited.

In his words: “That’s amazing. It takes the words out of my mouth– like wow. I’m so amazed.”

Statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be weeping

Image above shows tears streaming from the statue's eyes.

The caretaker in charge of the statue had a brief chat with Action News:

“We’ve had priests come from all over to look at her, and all they say is that it’s a miracle.

“We’re not hiding her, but at the same time, we don’t want anything to happen to her,” the caretaker said.

Maria Cardenas may not wish to be reminded of her late cousin’s death forever but if she so wishes, shouldn’t the virgin Mary statue serve a better purpose being a comforter than a hired mourner?