Controversial Pics Of ‘Teacher Bae’ Breaking The Internet Right Now.

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A fourth grade teacher in Georgia has made headlines after posting pictures of skin-tight clothes she wore to classes. The controversy started when “Teacher Bae” shared several #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts to her Instagram page.

Patrice Brown – dubbed #TeacherBae on Twitter, is now referred to as the “sexiest teacher alive”, a title many people think she doesn’t deserve.

Let’s take a look at more of the trending pictures and what people are saying.

That was a response from Bossip, after the pictures started trending. But that’s not all. Netizens criticized the teacher, calling her dress code “inappropriate”.

One person, whose Twitter profile pic shows a curvy woman in a skintight outfit, commented, “DEFINITELY inappropriate if you’re a teacher!!”

Combo shows Patrice Brown in her skin-tight outfits.

It’s pretty simple looks nice but these are not professional outfits for a classroom. Not about body type or race.

is the hot topic now. Her tight dress is not professional dress. Her body is banging but her clothing choice needs some maturity

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3 Comments on Controversial Pics Of ‘Teacher Bae’ Breaking The Internet Right Now.

  1. People are so very shallow! Good on her for doing such great work. Would love to have your thoughts on this:

  2. It’s racism, she did nothing wrong.

  3. She is so beautiful. And I don’t see anything wrong with what she wears. Man I wish she was my wife I would be the happiest man on earth.

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