Controversial Pics Of ‘Teacher Bae’ Breaking The Internet Right Now.

A fourth grade teacher in Georgia has made headlines after posting pictures of skin-tight clothes she wore to classes. The controversy started when “Teacher Bae” shared several #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts to her Instagram page.

Patrice Brown – dubbed #TeacherBae on Twitter, is now referred to as the “sexiest teacher alive”, a title many people think she doesn’t deserve.

Let’s take a look at more of the trending pictures and what people are saying.

That was a response from Bossip, after the pictures started trending. But that’s not all. Netizens criticized the teacher, calling her dress code “inappropriate”.

One person, whose Twitter profile pic shows a curvy woman in a skintight outfit, commented, “DEFINITELY inappropriate if you’re a teacher!!”

Combo shows Patrice Brown in her skin-tight outfits.

It’s pretty simple looks nice but these are not professional outfits for a classroom. Not about body type or race.

is the hot topic now. Her tight dress is not professional dress. Her body is banging but her clothing choice needs some maturity

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