Christina Aguilera: Quitting The Voice was a “learning curve”

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Christina Aguilera has called it quits with organizers of ‘The Voice’ following some disappointing behind-the-scenes.

Aguilera, who played the role of a judge between 2011 – 2016, thinks the time is right to walk away because she’s mortified by some painful experiences.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Aguilera said she was unable to cope with the uninspiring events and needed “to let things slide,” noting that her disgruntlement was “a real learning curve”.

“Well I can’t knock it, I mean it was an experience in my life and I think everything has a learning curve and something to be experienced,” the 37-year-old said.

“I think that I did what I could with the position I was given and I have to keep it real on a certain level.

“I’m just–you know–I’m not a passive girl that’s just gonna sit there and be okay with certain things [in the NBC programme].”

Cohen probed further, asking if Aguilera found her appearance on the show to be memorable.

“Well–That’s a very complicated answer, but I just saw some ins and outs and inner workings that I was not happy,” the ‘Beautiful’ star said.

Aguilera explained that one of her gains from the NBC show is the revelation that music is where her heart it.

“For me, I just know I needed to step away and get back to what I know that I love to do and how I could best give to the world in my own way,” she added

In her earlier statement, the ‘Dirrty’ hitmaker she supported the blind audition phase of The Voice for the fact that it is meritocratic in nature.

However, she boldly told Cohen that leaving the show was one of her best decisions ever, adding that nobody would want to put up with what she experienced on daily basis.

“The blind audition idea was really intriguing to me because it was an opportunity for anyone to get on stage and be discovered, regardless of how they looked.

“I also saw blatant things that I did not think were OK and that I am sure no one would want to put up with in the work environment. It was important for me to step away,” the chart-topper concluded.

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