Christians are comparable to diamonds

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Thanksgiving Service
Special Holy Ghost Service 2023

Ministering: Pastor (Mrs.) Tosin Macaulay
Topic: From Breakthrough to Diamond Christianity
Text: 2 Timothy 2: 1-5

Some facts about diamonds that compare with Christianity:

  1. Diamonds are found deep in the earth and subject to intense heat and pressure.
    This means that as Christians, God sometimes puts us in obscurity so we can come out as diamonds that He can use.
  2. It is the hardest known material.
    It represents a mature Christian who stands despite the challenges.
    Ephesians 6:10
  3. It is very clear. Christians must live in holiness, purity, and integrity.
  4. It is lustrous. Light passes through it, and it shines.
    As Christians, light must pass through us. Matthew 5: 14-16, Isaiah 60:1
  5. It breaks light into its 7 components.
    As Christians, we should incorporate the giftings of God to fulfill destiny.
    Galatians 4:9
  6. It has a high ability to conduct heat.
    As Christians, we should be soul winners and channels of blessings. Isaiah 10:27
  7. It is chemically stable.

☆ As Christians, God wants to use us as His diamond Christians that He can send all over the world, even to hard places.

Salvation Call
Becoming a diamond Christian starts with giving your life to Jesus. Ask the Lord to have mercy on you, wash you clean with His blood, and save your soul.

Prayer Point
• Father, please make me a diamond Christian, and send me on any assignment that You have.