Christian Vieri explains why people are jealous of Ronaldo and Juventus


Christian Vieri admits he’s not surprised that people are bitter about Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to join Juventus, adding that the Italian club pulled out 100 notes for a footballer who deserves every penny.

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Image: Christian Vieri

Speaking with DAZN, the former Italian professional footballer said, ‘He [Ronaldo] scores a lot…He has scored over 600 goals and tallied 50 a season—left foot, right foot, head.

‘The Portugal international footballer scores every Sunday. He is simply “a goal machine.”

‘CR7 arrived in Italy at the age of 33 and everyone is talking. They say he is old even though, in reality, they’re just looking for a way to trash his love for the Old Lady.

‘…Juve pulled out 100 notes to buy Ronaldo because he is the best. Having him in Italy shows how big the Serie A has grown. The league is one of the most competitive around the world–no doubts.’

Born in Bologna, Italy, Christian Vieri played for Torino, Lazio, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid and Juventus, among others. He is Italy’s ninth highest goalscorer of all time.