Why Chinese smartphone sales soar in global markets

The Chinese smartphone market slowed down significantly in 2015 as the growth rate plummeted from 20 percent to just 2.5 percent but the business is currently showing good prospects with a rapid growth since the first quarter of 2016.

The upward surge points to the economic recovery measures taken by the government since the country absorbed its financial shock.

“Many people – rich and poor – committed suicide due to the record-breaking losses experienced in the stock market last year”. 

In 2015, vendors struggled to find more first-time buyers but 2016 has proved that there’s a lot more to offer in smartphone productions and sales.

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With the quality products offered, these indigenous  companies – Lenovo, ZTE, HTC, Xiaomi – are fearlessly competing with Apple and Samsung for loyal end users in the market.

“Intending importers of these products are advised to be cautious. There are a lot of cloned phones with different names and labels that are imitated copies of real products”.

Alibaba and other online trading websites are working hand-in-hand with government agencies, clamping down on the fake product manufacturing companies.

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