China Will Not Be Fazed By Brexit, An Economist Says.

Image: Li Daokui

The China-UK relations will not be affected by the Brexit, according to a Chinese economist.

Li Daokui said on Monday at the Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin, that the European Union may be more united learning from the mistake.

He added that there’s no big deal if the UK is in the European Union or disengages, arguing that free trade is the UK’s economic foundation and it hopes to be China’s rise which makes the world more diversified. 

“As long as the two basic points remain unchanged, China-UK relations will continue to have good development,” said Li.

“Brexit’s turbulence will be much more serious than the voters can expect and so do the elites.

“The UK is setting a bad example for European countries, which will make them more united,” he added.