Celebrity Singer Reveals: ‘I Had To Chase My Boyfriend A Few Months Before It Worked’.

Jade Thirlwall of The Little Mix has been single and searching for a long time but thanks to God for giving her a boyfriend, now she has one good reason to be happy. The pretty singer wants us to know that it wasn’t easy at first but her efforts made it work.

'I'm very happy': Speaking to MailOnline Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall revealed she is happier than ever now that she's found love with her rock star boyfriend, Jed Elliot

Image: Jade Thirlwall

Her excitement at having found a soulmate can’t be hidden, as she reveals in an exclusive interview with MailOnline that one of her banddmates is about to wed, while two are currently single after their disappointing breakups.

Jade admits she has never known happiness like this before. She admits knowing what true happiness is, now that she found love with her rock star boyfriend, Jed Elliot — a bassist with The Struts.

The 23-year-old beautiful singer revealed she had to ‘chase him for a few months’ to get the result she wanted, adding that she hasn’t been that lucky when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

She never stopped giggling while explaining that it was her band-mate Jesy Nelson and fiance Jake Roche who did the match-making.

Jade chuckled as she reflected on her love life before Jed came all the way. All she could say was: ‘It only took a while’ to find him.

Hitting the town: Jade was joined by her mum as the pair celebrated the release of Little Mix's new single, Black Magic, at Steam & Rye in London on Saturday

Image: Jade Thirlwall

Jake admits she’ll be forever thankful to Jake and her boyfriend who helped her find Jed, 25. The lovebirds kickstarted their relationship in 2015.

‘Jesy’s fiancé is really good friends with him,’ Jade said.

‘And I think it was when we were in America last year I sat down with Jake, and I said, “Listen I’ve been on so many dates, and they’ve all fell on their arse… it’s all going terribly wrong, so you need to help us!”

To Jade, it remains a puzzle how quickly Jake–who she now says is a proven match-maker, was able to assist in finding her Mr. Right.

She quipped: ‘He said there’s this lad in a rock band he knew, and I remember thinking, alright I’ve never been with a rocker before so I’ll give that a go. And here we are!’

Jade didn’t hide the way she felt after meeting with Jed, describing it as “pretty instant”. She also revealed they hit it off like “love at first sight”, adding that she somehow needed to do more in order to get a hold on him.

Their first meeting at one of his gigs.

‘[Describing the chemistry between them when she first met Jed] You know what, it was pretty instant.’ 

‘I’ve never had that before, so I knew that it was worth chasing.’

Happy together: And though the two of them have huge schedules when it comes to work, Jade explained she's 'very happy' with the relationship

‘I did sort of have to chase him for a few months to get the end results, but I’m not a quitter so I kept going, and well a year later here we are.’

Jed Elliot joined The Struts in 2012 after the band was moved from the defunct Future Records to the label formerly known as Mercury Records. He replaced the former bassist Jamie Binns.

Jade described the first time she visited the bassist: ‘I went to see him for the first time at a show, and I was just like mesmerized like a little schoolgirl!’

Then the down-to-earth pop star said this about herself: ‘It was quite embarrassing really but yeah I’ve learnt to cool it down a bit now.’

She continued: ‘I’m so not like a rock chick, and I was doing my best to make myself look all cool and rocky for this first date… and in the end I thought, “What am I doing?!” So, I’m just being myself now.

Talking about their busy schedules and how they’ve managed to keep the love burning, Jade admits she’s been happy with the way things have been so far.

Making it work: Although she admitted distance can be tricky, saying: 'We hardly ever see each other as he's in the US and I'm on tour, but we fly to see each other as much as possible'

‘I’m very happy,’ she said.

The Little Mix singer didn’t mince words when she admitted that distance could be tricky in relationships. Jed and The Struts are currently making big waves in America while Little Mix have been in the studio and on tour.

‘We hardly ever see each other as he’s signed in the US and I’m always on tour, but we fly to see each other as much as possible. 

‘We’ve got some time off coming up at Christmas, so hopefully we’ll be able to spend some time together then.’ 

It's nearly here: Jade explained it would be out in the next few months, saying: 'It's moving a lot faster than any of the other albums have because we want to release it before Christmas'

Fans of the all-girls music group are worried that their idols aren’t taking a break from work, but Little Mix aren’t going to stop until the album No. 5 drops. The four singers haven’t stopped recording, performing or working for more than a few months.

Jade reveals the highly-anticipated album could be available before the winter holidays.

In her words: ‘It’s moving a lot faster than any of the other albums have done, because we want to release it before Christmas, which means we have to have the first single ready pretty soon.’