Carlin Q. Williams, 39, Claims Prince Is His Biological Father.

A 39-year-old man named Carlin Q. Williams has filed legal claims that he is a heir to the late music icon Prince. He is demanding a paternity test to prove the singer is his biological father.

Carlin Q. Williams has his picture released online for the first time after making this surprising claim. It is, indeed, a surprise for the fact that the media had concluded the music legend had no offspring and left no will to his estate.

If what Carlin knows about his true dad is proven by DNA test, the lucky man would have inherited millions to himself from the Purple Rain star.

But how could it be that at 39, he never came forward to claim his rightful position when the singer was alive?

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An online report says: “Carlin Q. Williams, who hails from Missouri, claims that his mother – Marsha Henson – met Prince at the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri in July 1976.”

Image: Prince and Carling Q. Williams (Source: Mirror).

News website, TMZ reported that Marsha Henson claims that she had taken a few glasses of wine with the star and in the influence, had unprotected sex. The lady has signed an affidavit to drive home her points that Prince was responsible for her pregnancy which brought Carlin to the world.

‘Henson claimed that she didn’t have sex at all with anyone else during the six weeks before and did not have sex with another man during her pregnancy.’

‘Carlin is now asking for Prince’s DNA to be tested to prove his paternity.’

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The man who claims to be Prince’s son isn’t living a good life as he has reportedly been jailed at a federal prison in Colorado. He was charged for transporting weapons, ABC reported.

Paternity claims for Marsha Henson and Carlin Q. W illiams isn’t the first of its kind since news was made public that Prince left no will and had no child before his death.

An online reports said: “Up to 700 people have claimed to be Prince’s half-siblings in a race to stake a claim on the star’s $300million fortune.

“Hundreds of people have come forward since the death of the Purple Rain singer two weeks ago.”

Another report quoted Harvey Morse, of Morse Genealogical Services as telling Dailymail that the office has been very busy trying to sift through a large number of claims from people who have eye for Prince’s wealth.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook, I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls,” he said.


Image shows the late music icon Prince wearing glasses.

“They run the gamut, literally from ‘We lives in the same area so we must be related’, to ‘We have pictures of Prince at our family reunion.’

“But I like official documents. Birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates, census records, that sort of thing – papers that were drawn up without any thought of this eventuality.”

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The reasons for this multitude of claims comes as a result of the order given by the judge handling investigations on Prince’s death. The said judge advised that the late singer’s DNA sample be taken as a way of ascertaining authenticity of every paternity claim.

Lawyers who are handling the legal claims have rights to get blood samples from the coroner as TMZ confirms, is still held at the Medical Examiner’s office for testing.

Carlin Q. Williams and his mother may have a good case if DNA proves the 39-year-old to be Prince’s heir.

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