Ambulance Driver Lost His Hearse And The Corpse.

A funeral worker was sent to Italy with an ambulance in an arrangement that he retrieves and transport a corpse to its native country Warsaw, Holland.

A Hearse

Image: The ambulance that went missing with the corpse.

However, things got out of hand as he stopped on his way back to Holland for lunch and a few drinks.

He lost the corpse and the hearse.

Reports confirm that the said driver stopped for lunch somewhere in Munich so he could continue on the long journey. By the time he finished eating and taking a few gulps of alcohol, the ambulance and dead body was nowhere to be found.


Image: The ambulance driver stopped in Munich for lunch.

Giving a statement on the incident to police authorities in Munich, the driver said he parked the Mercedes wagon “somewhere near the main railway station” but couldn’t pinpoint the exact location.

According to the The Times, police officers say he might have suffered amnesia after taking a few drinks.

A representative said: “He wasn’t very helpful and we think that alcohol may have come into play”.

The driver’s mental condition posed an obstacle to the police who seem to be clueless on where to focus their search. As an alternative measure, the police department appealed to the general public to help in locating a missing “classic Mercedes hearse” with Polish number plates.

A kind passer-by who sighted the vehicle after about 24 hours, made a report to the police before the car was eventually tracked down.

Information provided says the ambulance was abandoned near a river in the Munich called Isar River. The location was nowhere near the train station as the forgetful driver had reported.

Luckily for the bereaved family, and the dead body, the ambulance still had it on board.

How will he find his way to Warsaw if he couldn’t remember where he left the corpse?

A report confirms the 24-year-old ambulance driver carried on with the corpse all the way to Warsaw, Holland.