Can a very strong human defeat a leopard?

Despite the odds and with immense determination, one might have a SLIM chance of overcoming a leopard, though not without sustaining severe injuries.

In a remarkable incident in India, Rajagopal Naik was motorcycling with his family when they were suddenly ambushed by a leopard.

The wild animal latched onto his wife’s leg with its teeth.

In a desperate bid to save his family, Naik seized the leopard by its throat and began striking its head. Displaying incredible resilience, he managed to subdue the beast using his knees. After a grueling struggle, the leopard succumbed.

However, this heroic act came at a cost. Naik suffered injuries to his face, arms, and neck.

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A strong human can beat a leopard. A bit of an issue is that the felines are historically known to be man eaters.

A man eating leopard was attacking its last victim before it was shot and killed in that image below.:

Amazing facts about leopards

Every inch of a leopard is designed to kill a human being.

Leopards are very muscular, they’re born with a killer instinct, a human generally is not.

A leopard’s claws are designed to hold unto prey and tear chunks of flesh.

Those claws can tear through strong skin and thick hide. Leopards have been known to take down animals such as honey badgers, giant elands, baboons, gorillas, sloth bears, and even asiatic black bears.

Leopards in certain countries occasionally prey on gorillas, and some sites claim that gorillas are a whooping 8% of their entire diet in the jungle.

What Strongman can do

He’s pulling a plane? That’s insane, it requires a massive amount of power to do so. Ivan Savkin can pull a 296 tonne train. He’s been known to pull ships and he even pulled a crane.

Hafþór Björnsson has been known for his wsm records. He’s even known for doing car walks!

Eddie Hall has been known for winning the title “world’s strongest man”, and as you can see he’s pulling a massive truck, with somebody sitting inside as well.

Brian Shaw in that image is pulling a 770 horsepower Shelby F-150. He is a force to be reckoned with.

There’s one slight problem.

Leopards are masters at camouflage.

Let me know when you find the leopards in both of the images.

Leopards are exceptionally good at performing ambush attacks. A leopard ambushing an elite strongman would likely have a similar outcome to that of a gorilla getting ambushed by one. The leopard will often try to deliver a solid bite to the base of the skull or throat.

Strongmen do have great physical strength. If a strongman fights a leopard head on and is trained for the fight, I would say that he wins nearly every time.

The big problem is leopards have the claws, jaws, ferocity, agility, and strength that are enough to inflict conflict ending injuries. In case of an ambush attack, the odds are stacked against the strongman. They may be immensely powerful, but a leopard is armed with razor sharp claws which deliver lethal damage.

Compare the difference

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