“Bubble Music Party” Brings Hot And Sexy Back In China.

On June 9, 2016, Shenyang Olympic Sports Center opened its gates wide for every fun-loving Chinese who wished to participate in the year’s “Bubble Run” – a crazy summer sports event where colorful bubbles are sprayed on thousands of party-goers. The name would deceive a first-timer into thinking it’s a marathon, but it’s not.

Bubble Run brings “sexy” back to fun seekers in bikinis and beach wears.

The stunning scene, copied from the U.S., is called the “most fun five kilometers,” and the event is quickly spreading all over the world. A large number of young and old people were attracted to this yearly event.

Over 300 million people participated in the carnival, joining at every stop, as the bubbles swept through the entire city.

Bubble Run includes a 5 km track sprint for fit participants. Others engage in color plays, taking pictures, playing crazy games amid screams in the festive atmosphere.

Colorful bubbles (red, yellow, green and blue) are constantly released on the crowd from spewing machines strategically mounted at base stations.

Call it a crazy “Bubble Music Party” and you’ll be right because all anyone could hear was screams and loud jams from the speakers.

What a good way to get a sexy feel of summer.

More Pictures From The Event: