Bruce Springsteen: I wrote a song they never used for Harry Potter

Bruce Springsteen has confirmed he wrote a very lovely song for the Harry Potter film franchise but for reasons yet unknown, it was never used.

Image shows Bruce Springsteen.

Speaking with Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2, the 67-year-old rock star explained that the song was called “I’ll Stand By You”.

Springsteen reveals the song was recorded in the summer of 2001, a short while before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hit the theaters.

In the recent interview with BBC, the rock icon added that “I’ll stand by you” had some personal significance too.

“It was pretty good,” he said.

“It was a song that I wrote for my eldest son, it was a big ballad that was very uncharacteristic of something I’d sing myself. But it was something that I thought would have fit lovely; at some point I’d like to get it into a children’s movie of some sort because it was a pretty lovely song.”

A report from Springsteen fan forum BruceBase wiki informs that the song could have dated back to as far as 1998. The lyrics was motivated by the musician’s experience from reading Harry Potter novels to his son.

The site went further by alleging that Springsteen offered the song to director Chris Columbus, who directed the first Harry Potter installment – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001.

According to the revelation, author JK Rowling was in a contract agreement which stipulates that the use of commercial songs in Harry Potter films were prohibited.