Briton killed fighting for Israel ‘saved lives’ as Hamas attacked, his brother says

The brother of a British man who was killed by Hamas militants while serving in the Israeli army has described him as a “fun-loving” and “caring” person.

Nathanel Young, 20, was killed during the Hamas attack while serving in the Israel Defence Forces.

His brother Eliot has told Sky News that Nathanel was called to action to “try and protect us, try and protect the country”.

Eliot and Nathanel Young

He said there was a “long battle with the terrorists and eventually he was killed”.

“But my understanding is that his efforts helped save lives that day.”

Eliot described his brother as a “fun-loving, happy and caring person” and that he has received a lot of visitors over the last few days telling him how much Nathanel had helped them. 

“He was just a very giving and caring person,” he said. 

Eliot said all the love and care that his brother had “was definitely at its height on the day he died”. 

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