Bride abandons wedding reception after sighting lost love

Love stories are known to stir our hearts, kindle hopes, and inspire us to believe there’s still something good left in a world ravaged by hate, selfishness and deceit. This story from Sapele, Nigeria, is something different from all we’ve heard about broken relationships.

Bride jilts groom on wedding day

According to a report from Nigeria’s news outlet Vanguard, a man who’s said to be 41 years old, is yet to understand why love would be so unfair to him.

At his age, one can say he has wasted much of his youthful days as a bachelor, and when he finally found someone he thought would be his “one and only”, fate proved him “unworthy” to bear the Mr… “title”.

The man who has been identified as Julius, was abandoned at the alter by his lovely wife while both exchanged marital vows during their wedding reception in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State.

bride jilts groom on wedding day

“I am no longer interested,” his wife screamed after bolting from the wedding venue.

Her bridal train finally caught up with her at Orhunwhorhun Road but their pleadings made no sense.

Friends and family members who were present at the event held in one of Sapele’s most popular locations, also begged her to reconsider the decision but those words fell of deaf ears.

bride jilts groom on wedding day

The report from quotes the bride’s close friend as revealing that her true love got wind of the event and decided to go see for himself.

It’s not known where he had been before that wedding day.

However, things went out of hand after Roseline, 32, sighted her estranged lover and could no longer stand on her feet to exchange marital vows. She ran as fast as she could – far away from the venue and never wanting to stop.

Bride jilts groom on wedding day

Roseline decided she’d rather call off the wedding and follow her true love. The incident took place on 29 October.

Vanguard reports that as at press time, efforts to trace her whereabouts has proved futile.

“I am no longer interested,” she was quoted as saying, before forcing the wedding reception to an abrupt by bolting off like Chris Brown.

A close friend told Vanguard on condition of anonymity how the events unfolded on that day. She explained: “I believe she did what she did because she saw the previous man in her life at the reception. We heard that he had earlier promised to marry the bride, but he later travelled to Lagos and never showed up again.

“When the bride waited for a long time and he (former suitor) was nowhere to be found, she decided to marry another man, who was ready although she still loved her former suitor.

“So when her true love showed up at the reception without notice, the woman saw him and decided to call it quits with her husband to follow her heartthrob.”