BREAKING NEWS: Salah Abdeslam Agrees To Reveal All ISIS Secrets.

The fight against global terrorism is getting positive with  Salah Abdeslam’s agreement to reveal all ISIS secrets to the French police.

He has agreed to “co-operate” with the French authorities, his Belgian lawyer confirmed today.

Abdeslam is the prime suspect in the November 13 attacks in Paris. It is also believed that the 26-year-old is one of the brains behind the recent bombings in Brussels which killed dozens and left more than 100 injured.


He is yet to be arraigned in court but his current demand is that he should be extradited from Belgium.

Salah wants to leave Belgium where he was captured earlier this month for France. His wish is to co-operate with the French authorities who seem to have a better legal system and military capabilities to use the information he is to provide against his own people, ISIS.

Salah Abdeslam and ISIS terrorists

The terror suspect confirmed in his earlier statement that his plan was to blow himself up at the Stade de France stadium in Paris. However, it hasn’t been made clear why he had a change of heart in the last minute after the attack was planned.

Salah Abdeslam’s legal representative is arguing a case for his client. His lawyer Sven Mary denied last that Abdeslam had knowledge of the March 22 attacks in Brussels though he has a direct link to 2 of the suicide bombers who carried out the terror plan in the Belgian capital.

The suspect has many advocates standing on his side for the trials coming up. One of the said lawyers, Cedric Moisse has also reiterated that Salah Abdeslam wants to be extradited from Belgium to France.

“He wants to cooperate with the French authorities,” the lawyer said.

One of the representative lawyers will take charge of providing Abdeslam for an extradition hearing from the prison. The suspect has been locked up in Bruges, Belgium since his arrest on March 18.

With the recent turn of events, if Abdeslam has made up his mind to expose ISIS and give the French police all valuable secrets, it is believed that his former Daesh overlords won’t like to watch him survive a new day.

The terror group may want to silence him before he gives out any information on their hideous plans.


The said secrets, if adequately provided, might be the lacking tool needed by the US-led coalition to solve the crisis in Iraq and Syria; and curtail the fast-growing terror around the world.