Boris Johnson slams US Police for killing George Floyd

The death of Floyd, caused by his arrest, resulted in protests and violent riots across the US, as at least 23 states and Washington DC activated the National Guard in order to curb the unrest and stop escalating clashes in the major cities.

British PM Boris Johnson has addressed the protests in the US, stating that George Floyd’s tragic death was “inexcusable” and that he understands people’s right to protest.

“I think what happened in the United States was appalling, was inexcusable, we all saw it on our screens, and I perfectly understand people’s right to protest. I also believe that protests should take place in a lawful and reasonable way”, the politician stated.

Large-scale protests engulfed the country after the killing of Floyd, an African American from Minneapolis last week.

In a video that emerged online, police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck as the man pleaded to let him breathe.

George Floyd 1

George Floyd

Chauvin has since been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, while a total of 4 officers have been fired from the police force.

The mass rallies in major US cities, sparked by the killing, led to clashes between the law enforcement services and protesters, also resulting in arson and looting across the country. According to reports by ABC, at least 9,000 people have been arrested amid the nationwide rallies.