Booming Business: Naked maid cleaning services for only £65

Naked maid cleaning services has been a trend in recent years but the demand for this controversial business is increasing at an alarming rate, according to reports from the United Kingdom.

Beautiful girls, including some sexy women, are willingly stripping from head to toe for this £65 per hour service.

The booming business allows home owners to sit, relax and watch in the comfort of their homes as nude cleaners twerk while rendering services.

Naturalist Cleaners is trending online after the company launched its head office in London, a branch in Manchester, and other locations in the U.K.

Laura Smith, the founder and CEO of the home cleaning company, says her employees can choose to be stark naked or cover up a bit. She claims there’s nothing “sexual” about it.

However, customers are allowed to watch the live porn if they are interested. A bad romance is also permitted if there’s an agreement.

“With our high quality service, personalized cleaner availability, and professionalism, you will not be disappointed,” the company’s website displays on its homepage.

Smith told U.K.’s Daily Star: “It’s proved really popular, so we’re expanding. It’s a service for the nudist community.

“We are a cleaning company. There’s nothing sexual about the business at all.

“The majority of our clients are nudists.

“I understand people will think certain things about the company, but there is nothing untoward about it.”

One good thing about this nude maid service is that you get a neat home and a free show.

The controversial fantasy business is causing troubles in most big cities around the world, especially in the US and UK.

A Texas woman named Melissa Borrett established her sex-oriented business in 2012 and natives criticized her for the decision.

Borrett, 26, wasn’t discouraged by those negative reactions. The business was her extra source of income at $100 per hour for nude cleaning services. She reveals that her job can be done in lingerie or birthday suit.

According a report from ABC News, Borrett was able to nurture the business and in three months, she had employed three other workers.

The News Junkie compiled a list of questions which were answered by a nude maid service employee on Reddit.

Question: Did people really touch themselves or straight up masturbate while you cleaned? Was it awkward if they did?

I don’t really watch them because I’m usually busy cleaning. I get a kick out of people watching me so it’s actually really awesome, but if some guy gets aggressive like bugging me to watch him jerk off and being obnoxious about it, that pisses me off.

Question: What are your “rules”?

The rules are: NO touching, NO cameras, NO asking for sexual favors or offering to pay for them. It’s perfectly fine on the other hand to watch, follow us around, draw us (it happens), have sex with each other (couples), be naked also, and touch yourself.

Critics are against the booming business because it offers no guarantee against rapes, and endangers young people under 18. Such services have been compared to illegal sex trades, and police say those perverts are prone to sexual abuse.

The following is a resume posted on by an applicant who clearly stated her rules for a professional home cleaning service.


I am a college student, offering professional cleaning services nude. At the bottom I’ve attached part of my professional resume to show the services that are provided.

I am comfortable with partially nude, fully nude, lingerie, high heels, bare foot, and extra for costumes. I offer to speak or be silent. I will be waxed, completely bare.

I seek up to $100-$200 per visit, depending on the space. Must allow 10-15 min to freshen up, likely less (typical woman).

Strictly no sex, touching negotiable.

I’m more like the girlfriend that you like to clean your house naked. No strings, just offering service. I was highly trained to provide a wide range of cleaning services while employed. I’ve worked with a uniform staff, but I wish to work independently.

About me: I am 5’5, 110 lbs, athletic however shapely. I major in Kinesiology, minor in Developmental Psych. My contact info is; 323-680-…, email is at … I am also willing to travel to connecting cities.

I am not willing to corrupt myself for money.

Tove T.

More of these desperate women can also be found on Craiglist where they advertise location maps and sample pictures. What you see is what you get, isn’t it?