Blake Shelton Drops A $600,000 Donation For A Children’s Hospital.

Blake Shelton, the famous musician from Ada, Oklahoma, is spending his money where his heart is. And that would be a children’s hospital from his hometown where he’s said to have approved a donation worth $600,000.00

Image shows Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

The singer started his fall tour at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City on Saturday.

“They don’t turn any kids away,” said Shelton from the stage, referring to Jimmy Everest Children’s Hospital [the benefactor].

“You come in there, you have a problem, they don’t turn anybody away, so I thought, ‘That’s a place that needs some money.’

“Let’s all do the right thing,” he added. “This is our money, Oklahoma.”


Meanwhile, the ‘Came Here To Forget’ hit-maker had the honor of her girlfriend Gwen Stefani and the show.

As part of their gifts for the memorable day, the kindhearted lovebirds sang their song “Go Ahead And Break My Heart”.

Blake previously admitted he “still can’t believe” he’s dating the ‘Used To Love You’ singer.

He quipped: “I still can’t believe it. I thought she must have, like, some vision problems … Maybe she needs help, I don’t know.”

Image shows Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

And the 40-year-old singer also admitted he didn’t know some of his favorite songs are Gwen Stefani’s songs. What a coincidence. This happens when love leads the way, don’t you think?

He added: “I didn’t think I knew much of her music until I, until you go to one of her shows, and I remember – this has been like a month ago – she flew into Oklahoma and I was driving to pick her up at the airport.

“And I was flipping through XM radio and I stopped on this song and I was like, ‘That voice sounds like Gwen. What in the hell is this – why don’t I know this?’

“It’s this song called ‘It’s My Life,’ which was a huge record for No Doubt. And I’m going, ‘I didn’t know Gwen sang that song.’ I’ve always known ‘Hey Baby’. I didn’t know she sang that freaking song.

“All these songs. It’s like, ‘Wow, that was you? That’s you and we’ve kissed? Wow, that is amazing!'”

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