Bisexual Jodie Marsh says sex with men gives her goosebumps

Bisexual celebrity Jodie Marsh separated from lover boy James Placido last April after a marriage that lasted only eight months, and this heartbreak inspired the female body-builder decision to date only women.

The former glamour model says it’ll be hard for her to love a man, having tested relationships with both sexes.

Jodie Marsh and James Placido

Image shows James Placcido and Jodie Marsh.

After the messy split from James, her former trainer, Jodie said she planned to remain celibate for another 5 years confessions show she’s breaking out of bounds.

The 37-year-old TV star was dating a hairdresser named Nina before her marriage to James.

Jodie and Nina went public with their relationship in 2008 but the TV personality had to try a relationship with the opposite sex after their romance crashed.

Jodie was previously in a relationship with hairdresser Nina

Image shows Jodie and former flame Nina.

In a recent interview with Big Brother star Andy West, bisexual Jodie reveals men aren’t attractive to her anymore. She admits that whenever she sees someone “charming”, it’s always a woman.

Jodie told Andy at the London Lifestyle Awards on Monday that having sex with men gives her goosebumps.

In her words: “Listen, when you’ve had sex with the blokes I have you’d run a mile from sex.

“It makes my skin crawl. It makes me want to rip my own skin off and bath in bleach and it makes me feel sick.

“It makes me gag when I think about the blokes I’ve been with.”

Jodie recently publicized her stronger connection to women in a Twitter post. She wrote: “So anyway, it’s now obvious that I only fancy women….. I don’t want or need a label. I just fancy women.”

She has spoken out about her interest in women

Image: Jodie Marsh