BEYOND-WORDS: Beyonce and Destiny’s Child performance at 2018 Coachella

It happened the way no one ever expected; Destiny’s Child and Queen Beyonce, back on stage together for a memorable experience we craved since their separation.

With Beyoncé headlining this year’s Coachella music festival, her rabid “Beyhive” fanbase was already on cloud nine at the idea of Queen Bey performing.

That’s right, Beyoncé brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during her Coachella set — a two-hour long masterpiece that is already legendary. She also brought out her faves: Jay-Z, Solange, and Destiny’s Child, which is where we’re picking up.

The Destiny’s Child entrance gave us chills, as the famed trio appeared in a misty blue silhouette. They were instantly recognizable.

The marching band trumpets swelled in anticipation until Beyoncé yelled, “Hit me!” and the three strutted out in matching camouflage-print looks — an ode to “Survivor” music video from 2001. Their camo by Balmain, of course, sparkled brilliantly.

Their first song was “Lose My Breath,” which they performed while fiercely walking down a runway. We’re instantly reminded of the syncopation in their songs, a technique that is so specific to Destiny’s Child.

As they sing on stage, it’s obvious that Beyoncé, Michelle, and Kelly are having a blast. Through their dance moves, they wink and nod at one another, with Beyoncé genuinely flashing her megawatt smile.

“My girl Bey is killing it tonight,” said Kelly, before they launched into “Say My Name.”

Their vocal harmonies! Their stage presence! Truly, it was dazzling, and reminded us of everything we loved about Destiny’s Child. They have such ease around one another, the kind of comfort that comes from real friendship and years of collaborative work.

It was Beyoncé’s show, but she more than happy to step aside for Michelle and Kelly to perform their solos during “Soldier.” Watching them together, we remember how much Bey loves to lift up others, and it was evident when she said, “I’m so happy right now.”

More than 450,000 people streamed her California performance live on YouTube early Sunday morning, with the terms “Beyonce,” “#Beychella” and “#DestinysChild” dominating Twitter’s trending topics.