Beware of organ harvesters in the hospitality industry

You may have read news of how TIMOTHY ADEGOKE OLUDARE, a Chattered Accountant and Director of Finance in one Multinational Company in Abuja who traveled down to Ile-Ife to write his master’s degree exam but was murdered in his hotel room.

Report indicates that Timothy traveled to Ife from Abuja on Friday 5th November to write his exams scheduled on 6th & 7th. He had hoped to return to his family on Sunday evening or Monday.

As a matter of obligation whenever Timothy travels on weekends for his master program, he usually lodged at a hotel named Hilton and Resort Hotel in Ife, one of the prominent hotels in town. But this time, he was declared missing by his wife and family when they tried and couldn’t reach him for 2 days.

A team of anti-kidnapping police/soldiers from Osogbo later established that he lodged at Hilton & Resort Hotel, where the hotel management murdered him at midnight. The accused persons had murdered and wrapped his body with hotel blanket and bed sheet before burying him at the upper side of the hotel in Ife (described as the Dustbin arena). Reliable sources said the location has served as the burial ground for various victims most of whose body parts were harvested–just like Timothy;s.

How Did the Police Investigation know this?

They demanded for his national Id Card from his family, but his wife was able to provide the earlier hotel receipt of Hilton where he used to lodge whenever he came for his weekend program.

They visited the hotel, but the lady receptionist denied admitting the young guy into the hotel, but a transfer payment was traced to her account confirming that Timothy paid for 2 nights in the hotel and receipt was issued to him.

The manifest and receipt of the hotel was doctored with a page number receipt for Timothy removed from the booklet.

The lady receptionist supposed to close at 12 noon but called another staff to take over duty at 8am, that she had emergency call at Ejigbo. Her phone and Timothy’s phone was tracked to Ejigbo and eventually picked up by the police. She then pleaded with the police that she was ready to confess everything that happened

It was at her instance that all principal actors were mentioned and apprehended, including the Chairman of the hotel.

Contrary to earlier report that an herbalist from Ejigbo was involved. No please. The Manager “4”, who is also one of the principal staffs of the hotel is an Alfa/ritualist and probably been used by the Chairman to carry out their evil plans. He had also confessed and in police net with 6 others

The lady also confessed that their Chairman Prince Ramon Adedoyin who happened to own Oduduwa University and Ife Polytechnic had hand in the brutal ritual killing and he has been arrested and detained.

The body of the man was exhumed and taken to Ife teaching hospital for proper examination.

Investigation is ongoing to establish more fact about the hotel and the University and Ife Polytechnic.


Whenever you arrive in any hotel, make sure you make a call at the reception lobby to let them know you are informing your family member or friends or colleagues about the hotel you are lodging in, the name and address and study the mood of the receptionist and other hotel worker around you.

Make sure you obtained a receipt and immediately snap or scan the receipt and send to your family member, friend, or colleagues to show that you pay for a room and lodge there.

If you are making transfer payment, kindly generate payment receipt, and scan same to your office, family, or friend.

In the room, kindly check round the room very well before lying down, the doors, windows, mattress and under the bed, Waldrop, drawers if any, the toilet wash hand basin and sit, the AC to be sure nothing is hiding inside the room.

As you sleep, always make call or contact to your close friend and family member that you are still there till next morning.

When leaving the hotel, inform your family member and friends or colleagues that you are about to check out and study your surrounding when checking out.

For security reasons, always call immediately you find yourself in an unfriendly situation in a hotel where you lodges.

May God continue to protect us all